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GFI MAX RemoteManagement
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Title:GFI MAX RemoteManagement

GFI MAX RemoteManagement(tm) delivers an easy, affordable solution for IT support providers, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who wish to take better care of their clients at less cost.

Rather than just monitor their server, GFI MAX RemoteManagement takes a more rounded approach to IT support. With our system, you'll be able to monitor your clients' Raid arrays, remote offices, ISP connection, bandwidth usage, their website - and their server. In short, we help you monitor the key parts of their 'whole system' that cause the most grief - and alert you proactively so you can take better care of clients at less cost.

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LogicMonitor’s pre-configured, hosted monitoring solution will tell you everything you need to know about the health of your systems, and proactively alert you to any issues, without you having to spend days becoming a monitoring expert, or purchase any costly hardware. Best of SaaS Showplace Award Winner.

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Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS)
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Title:Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS)

With the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS), you can monitor and manage all business applications, from the datacenter to the cloud, including SaaS, hosted, and virtualized environments—all with a single product, architecture, and console.
Today’s business applications are running on SaaS, cloud, and managed environments, as well as in virtualized environments and the legacy datacenter.

NMS delivers the visibility needed to monitor and manage performance across all these environments—making it the one solution that can address all of today’s monitoring needs, and those arising in the future.

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Click to view product Company:OPNET Technologies, Inc.

Performance management instrumentation is flexible and well adapted to virtualized environments, including agent-based monitoring and virtual appliances to capture vital performance information on servers and on the network. A combination of physical and virtual appliances may be used to monitor end-user experience from outside the cloud.

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PacketTrap Perspective
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Title:PacketTrap Perspective

PacketTrap Perspective enables you to securely manage and monitor both your local infrastructure and your remote cloud computing environments within a single dashboard. Regardless of whether you are managing a collection of resources in your data center, corporate office, remote location, or in a partner's cloud, PacketTrap provides the comprehensive capability required to scale with your needs.

By implementing PacketTrap's centralized dashboard you will be alerted on resources performance challenges across non-virtualized and virtualized environments, and the health of your overall network. Recognize trouble in your cloud before your IT users do via PacketTrap's Cloud Computing Solutions.

PacketTrap Perspective is a comprehensive and affordable network management and application monitoring solution for end user IT departments.

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