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Zoho Reports X X X X X
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Title:Zoho Reports

It is best suited for SMBs using spreadsheets or custom software for data analysis. It offers a wide variety of reporting components like charts, pivot tables, tabular views, dashboards etc. It simplifies collaboration (no more emailing of spreadsheets/reports to and fro), eases data maintenance (no more multiple versions), assures anytime, anywhere access (since it is available online) and enhances scalability.

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Licence:Shareware Calc is the spreadsheet component of the software package.

Calc is similar to Microsoft Excel, with a roughly equivalent range of features. Calc is capable of opening and saving most spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel file format. It provides a number of features not present in Excel, including a system that automatically defines series for graphing based on the layout of the user's data. Calc is also capable of writing spreadsheets directly as PDF files.

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Lotus 1-2-3
Click to view product Company:IBM
Title:Lotus 1-2-3

IBM Lotus 1-2-3 Release 9.8 is the latest release of this award-winning spreadsheet. As a bonus, Lotus 1-2-3 also includes the other Lotus SmartSuite applications --Lotus Word Pro®, Lotus Freelance Graphics, Lotus Approach, and Lotus Organizer.

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Microsoft Excel
Click to view product Company:Microsoft Corporation
Title:Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application developed by Microsoft for Microsoft Windows Operating Systems and Mac OS X. With MS Excel, you can make calculations, use graphing tools, use tables and use the macro programming language 'Visual Basic for Applications' (also known as VBA). It is the most widely used spreadsheet application in the world. Excel is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Excel helps you analyze and organize data. The most common use for Excel is creating Spreadsheets. Spreadsheets can organize data such as monthly expenses or sales data and perform various calculations such as totaling your expenses or indicating the highest producing sales person. Calculations in Excel occur automatically so if data is changed, totals will recalculate.

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Click to view product Company:Ability

Ability Office Business offers seven fully featured applications in one affordable, powerful and above all compatible office suite, specifically designed for the needs of businesses everywhere.

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Office BasicMaker
Click to view product Company:SoftMaker
Title:Office BasicMaker

BasicMaker is compatible with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It allows you to write small scripts or programs that execute commands in TextMaker and PlanMaker. If you have repetitive tasks in SoftMaker Office that you wish to automate, BasicMaker is the tool for you.

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Quattro Pro
Click to view product Company:Corel
Title:Quattro Pro

Quattro Pro lets you import delimited text files into spreadsheets. Delimited text files use specific characters, such as commas, quotation marks, or tabs to separate fields of text. When you import a delimited text file into a spreadsheet, the delimiter character, for example a comma, serves as a marker that instructs Quattro Pro to divide the text into columns. The delimiter character does not display in the spreadsheet.

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