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EventLog Analyzer is an event log and application log monitoring and management software.

Administrative Tools: Event Log

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer X X X X X
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Title:ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

EventLog Analyzer is a web based, real time, agent less, event log and application log monitoring and management software. The event log analyser software collects, analyzes, reports, and archives, Event Log from distributed Windows hosts, SysLog from distributed Unix hosts, Routers, Switches, and other SysLog devices, Application logs from IIS web server, IIS FTP server, MS SQL server, Oracle database server, DHCP Windows and Linux servers.

EventLog Analyzer features are:

  • Can be installed on Windows or Linux with cross platform log collection
  • Supports heterogeneous devices
  • Supports application specific logs (IIS Web & FTP servers, DHCP Windows & Linux, MS SQL, Oracle Audit)
  • Compressed, encrypted, hashed and time stamped archive of log files
  • Canned and custom PUMA, Security and Trend reports in multiple formats
  • Automatic scheduled report generation and distribution
  • PCI, HIPAA, SOX and GLBA compliance reports for Windows event log and Syslog
  • Automated alerts generation, Email, SMS & SNMP Trap notifications and run program
  • Rebrandable web client

EventLog Analyzer - Distributed Edition is a scalable and globally distributed monitoring solution with unified console view.

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ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 X X X X X
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Title:ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019

ActiveXperts Network Monitor 2019 monitors servers, workstations and IP devices. Monitors Windows, UNIX and Linux servers. Monitors web sites, ftp, tftp, smtp, pop3, file servers, databases, dns, disks, processes, raid systems, snmp, exchange, sharepoint, temperature and many more. Custom check routines through VBScript and SSH. Alerts through SMS, Pager, E-mail, SNMP Trap and more. Reports based on XML and XSL. Pure web interface, no java required.

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GFI EventsManager X X X X X
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Title:GFI EventsManager

A recent survey carried out by SANS Institute found that 44% of system administrators do not keep logs more than a month.

GFI EventsManager collects data from all devices that use Windows event logs, W3C, and Syslog and applies the best rules and filtering in the industry to identify key data. This allows you to track when staff swipe their fob, pick up the phone to call home, turn on their PC, what they do on their PC and which files they access during their work day. GFI EventsManager also provides you with real-time alerting when critical events arise and suggests remedial action.

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With the growing demand of Windows based systems a problem arises that these systems log events to their native event log and lacks the ability to forward it to UNIX or other operating systems hosts.

Adiscon comes up with the solution in the form of EventReporter. EventReporter processes the NT Event Logs, parses them and forwards the results via Syslog protocol to a central Syslog server. It runs on all flavors of Windows NT and 2000 as well as ALPHA processors.

Its capabilities are ideal for network administrators/planners, desktop support professionals, system analysts, system administrators, internet managers and technical support personals to fully integrate Windows solutions into their existing Syslog monitoring and alerting environment.

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EventSentry provides Event Log monitoring. The filtering system provides many configuration options and tools to achieve any goal. The IT Administrator configures which event log messages he's interested in. Event can be dispatched in several ways to different types of targets. For example, web server related messages are sent to the webmaster, while all other critical messages are sent to the network administrator.

Filters allow you to filter out messages that are of no interest. They can be applied to some notifications types (e.g. email, file ) or all notifications. Filtering is powerful; you can satisfy almost any scenario. Send event log messages via SMTP e-mail or via syslog, write these to an MS SQL database or ASCII file.

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