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OpManager is a network monitoring software that provides robust fault and performance management functionalities.

ObserveIT - Session Auditing

ObserveIT - Session Auditing X X X X X

Free RDP, Citrix, VMWare & SSH Visual Recording
Like a Security Camera on Your Servers!
Record 3rd-party vendors and privileged user sessions.

ObserveIT Remote Access Auditor

ObserveIT is the only enterprise solution capable of providing both Windows and Unix user session recordings, supporting all methods of access (including RDP, Citrix, Telnet, SSH, VMware, Console) without requiring any architecture changes.

  • Full video playback and textual audit of every user action
  • Monitor and record all remote and console Windows and Unix sessions:
  • RDP, ICA, VMWare, SSH, Telnet and more
  • Comprehensive software-based solution for:
    - Monitoring 3rd party providers
    - Secure Compliance Auditing of all user activity
    - Troubleshooting of root cause of errors

Why Use ObserveIT

Remote Vendor Auditing: No more fingerpointing!
Know exactly what your 3 -party vendors are doing on your servers.

Secure Compliance: Audit people, not just apps

Detailed audit reports provide bulletproof evidence of every access to your corporate servers and databases, delivered automatically.

Instant Troubleshooting: Defeat the "Oops factor"

Find the root cause of any config change, using detailed searching and video session playback.

How ObserveIT Can Help You

  • Know who did what - A precise visual audit is tied to the exact user. Even shared ID/privileged accounts are associated with a specific named user (ex: Session userid:"administrator", Actual user: "jamie")
  • Bulletproof legal evidence - When you need a full video playback of what a user did during litigation or to eliminate need for legal action
  • Enhance your System Management infrastructure - Tie a precise video replay to every textual log entry in your SIM log management
  • Immediate Compliance for all new apps - Every new app (ex: customized CRM module) is automatically monitored and ready for compliance auditing. No need to modify code / config to achieve log requirements.
  • Desktop Auditing - Monitor all user actions, even if they are only working on their own Desktops, without touching corporate servers