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Multimedia Software: 3D Modelling and Design

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Use AC3D to create 3D models for: games, virtual reality and flight simulation, scientific, medical and general data visualisation, rapid prototypes of 3D designs, high resolution 3D renderings, Google Earth, Second Life and much more...

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AutoDesk 3ds Max
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Title:AutoDesk 3ds Max

Create stunning 3D in less time with Autodesk® 3ds Max® software. This full-featured 3D modeling, animation, and rendering solution is used to produce top-selling games and award-winning film and video content. It’s a tool of choice for quickly generating realistic characters, seamless CG effects, jaw-dropping games, and top-quality film and television content. Enhanced toolsets enable you to create your 3D environment the way you want, manage complex scenes, and take advantage of improved software interoperability and pipeline-integration support.

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Blender is a 3D graphics application released as free software under the GNU General Public License.

It can be used for modeling, UV unwrapping, texturing, rigging, water simulations, skinning, animating, rendering, particle, and other simulations, non-linear editing, compositing, and creating interactive 3D applications, including games.

Blender is available for a number of operating systems, including Linux, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows. Blender's features include advanced simulation tools such as rigid body, fluid, cloth and softbody dynamics, modifier-based modeling tools, powerful character animation tools, a node-based material and compositing system and Python for embedded scripting.

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The eleventh generation of CINEMA 4D is another milestone in the development of professional 3D software and a testament to two decades of excellence by MAXON's programming team. Professional 3D animation tools have never been easier to use.

CINEMA 4D's intuitive interface and logical workflow make it possible for those new to 3D artistry to dive in and be productive quickly. Feedback is smooth and interactive so you can let your creativity run free.

CINEMA 4D's state-of-the-art architecture means it is always the first to benefit from new technologies and advancements: 64-bit support on Windows and Mac OS or Multiprocessing to name a few. MAXON is a development partner of many leading IT companies, including Intel and Apple. As such MAXON has early access to many future technologies which makes it possible to tailor our products accordingly. Our customers can rely on the latest technology and maximum security for their investment.

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Home Designer
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Title:Home Designer

Chief Architect Home Designer Pro is professional home design software for the serious DIY home enthusiast. Enjoy the same tools that the professionals use for home design, remodeling, interior design, decks, landscaping and cost estimation.

Home Designer Pro has all the same great features as Home Designer Architectural, Interior Designer, Landscaping and Deck Designer plus advanced CAD tools, advanced building tools, the ability to create blueprints, manual framing and roofing and much more.

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Click to view product Company:AutoDesk

Autodesk Maya is a software application used for simulation, 3D modeling, 3D animation, visual effects, rendering, matchmoving, compositing and similar operations. Developed by Autodesk's Media and Entertainment Divisionm, Maya is used in TV and film industry, as well as for video games, architectural visualisation and design.

Maya effects are built-in programs that make it easy for users to create complex animation effects such as smoke, fire and realistic water effects, with many options and attributes for tuning the results.

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modo 501
Click to view product Company:Luxology
Title:modo 501

modo is an innovative 3D modeling, painting and rendering software designed to accelerate the creation of world-class models, associated color and normal maps, and ultra high-quality renderings.

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Click to view product Company:Informatix

Piranesi is our award-winning 3D painting tool that will transform your models to win more business.

Turn your conceptual 3D models into wonderfully atmospheric, stylised and persuasive visualisations, with a whole host of effects to allow you to focus the eye and the attention to the key elements of your design.

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Click to view product Company:Google

Google SketchUp Pro is 3D modeling software for professionals. SketchUp is easy and intuitive, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately. Using 3D models, designers can make more informed decisions, communicate project details, and share ideas with colleagues and customers to reach a common goal.

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Solid Edge
Click to view product Company:Siemens
Title:Solid Edge

Solid Edge with synchronous technology 2 continues to build on the innovative synchronous technology design paradigm first seen in 2008. The technology has been extended into more areas of part design, assembly modeling and sheet metal design. Combine that with a new embedded mid-range FEA and an update of Solid Edge Insight, Solid Edge with synchronous technology 2 continues to deliver up to a 100x faster design experience.

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Click to view product Company:Dassault Systèmes

SolidWorks 3D design software can help you design better products faster. When you have an idea for a great product, you'll have the tools to design it in less time, and at lower cost.

SolidWorks Premium is the flagship product, integrating a broad range of mechanical CAD, design validation, product data management, design communication, and CAD productivity tools in a single package that's affordable and easy to use.

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Click to view product Company:Caligari

With the new free Tentacles plug-in from TurboSquid, you can have the world's largest catalog of 3D-related material right inside trueSpace7.6! This gives you access to that catalog to share, sell or buy 3D content, from directly within trueSpace.

The plug-in is available at no charge and adds a Tentacles toolbar directly into the trueSpace workspace environment. This gives access to uploading your trueSpace creations to TurboSquid, where you can give them away or sell them, store them as back-ups, or share them with other TurboSquid users via shared directories for projects.

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Click to view product Company:SketchPlus

Get unlimited design options with hundreds of professional 2D/3D design and drafting tools, incredible file support, video training and photorealistic rendering.

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Click to view product Company:Zw3D

ZW3D 2010 SP1 Standard provides all the advanced design functions of ZW3D product family. In addition to advanced solids, surfaces and assembly functionalities, it also includes all the powerful ZW3D design modules, like healing, PDM, macros, etc..

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Click to view product Company:ZwCad

ZWCAD 2011 provides you with the most cost-effective solution for the entire workflow, from the very beginning to the very end of your projects, with innovative, collaborative, and customizable features:

  1. Ensuring compatibility with mainstream CAD software and operating systems
  2. Realizing your ideas to drawings effectively
  3. Furthering your designs, easier and faster
  4. Removing boundaries from communication and cooperation
  5. Serving you better with flexible customization
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