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AntiSpam is an intuitive, easy-to-use, client-based software product that eliminates spam from a computer's email system. It uses 'Passcode Authentication' technology, an active-filtering algorithm to authenticate senders of each incoming email message. Our AntiSpam software will eliminate email spam.

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Kaspersky Anti-Spam 3.0 provides thorough and accurate protection from spam for users of corporate mail systems and public email services.

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Anti-SPAM Guard
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Title:Anti-SPAM Guard

Are you tired of this never-ending spam? Anti-SPAM Guard is a unique solution for fighting junk e-mail. It has never been easier to fight spam before!

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Email Remover
Click to view product Company:Email Remover
Title:Email Remover

Here is their review ... "Email Remover can save you the trouble of downloading unwanted email. It connects to your ISP and retrieves mail header information (sender, subject, date, etc.), letting you pick mail you don't want to receive and deleting it from the mail server. It will optionally run your regular email client when it's done so that you can transfer and read the mail you do want. Email Remover is a handy little spam blocker in the never-ending battle against spam -- and it's free!. Reviewed on Apr 30 1998."

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Click to view product Company:FileTrust

Over 8 million people use MailWasher as their spam filter

Introducing MailWasher, the leader in spam filter software, and the easiest way to check and manage your e-mails before you download them.

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Click to view product Company:Isode

With the widest, most comprehensive range of message interception, handling and monitoring options, M-Switch Anti-Spam is your best defence against spam.

A flexible server-based solution that defeats spam before it reaches the user's desktop, M-Switch Anti-Spam achieves 97%+ accuracy on 'spam' and 99% accuracy on 'possible spam' together with a message processing rate that exceeds 50 messages per second on a small server platform.

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Click to view product Company:MxGuarddog

MX Guarddog offers email protection to deal with modern email challenges.

Spam and virus protection for businesses, organizations, and Internet domain name owners.

MX Guarddog will filter incoming email, forwarding only clean email to your mailboxes - for free!

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SpaceGuard SRM
Click to view product Company:Tools4ever
Title:SpaceGuard SRM

SpaceGuard SRM offers control over user home directories and disk space consumption. It offers more features than the standard native Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 quotas. The SmartQuota technology offers extensive alerting capabilities, incl. SMS, pager, network popup, e-mail, SNMP trap, and event log. By using SmartQuota on Windows Networking environments, SpaceGuard SRM surpasses Windows 2000/2003/2008 quotas in functionality, performance and ease of use.

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Spam Filter Solution
Click to view product Company:SpamTitan
Title:Spam Filter Solution

SpamTitan is the best anti-spam filter for small and medium business on the market today. It provides powerful and proven technology to reduce the volume of spam, reduce the workload of mail servers and enhance the productivity of end users.

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Click to view product Company:SpamBully
  • Bayesian Spam Filter - Intelligently knows which emails you've received are good and which are spam by using artificial intelligence and server blacklists. Makes sure good emails make it to your Inbox.
  • Allow/Block List - Decide who and what makes it into your Inbox.
  • Punish/Bounce/Report/Challenge - Get back at spammers by increasing their costs, returning their spam, and reporting them to the servers they came from and the FTC. Email a special password to an unfamiliar sender that they must correctly type in before their email is allowed to your Inbox.
  • Auto-Delete - Optionally you can just delete spam messages instead of sorting them to a spam folder. You never have to see a spam message again.
  • Cellphone Forwarding - Forward only good email to your cell phone.
  • Statistics - Comprehensive graphing and statistics shows you how well SpamBully is working.
  • Multi-Language Interface - Easily and automatically convert Spam Bully into English, Spanish, German.
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Click to view product Company:GlockSoft

Almost everyone who accesses the Internet and uses e-mail knows about spam. The common definition of spam is e-mail that is unsolicited, undesired by the recipient. Spam is sent out by automated programs to thousands or millions email addresses at a time. In most cases spam emails offer you different services, products (medicines, goods, software programs etc.), and "get rich quickly" plans. Never buy from the spammers and never act upon their fraudulent schemes. Their only wish is to swindle your hard-earned money. Ignore and delete spam messages. It's easy if you receive several unsolicited emails per day. But if you get tens or hundreds spam messages every day, it's a real problem. That's why you need an anti-spam filter. The anti-spam program will relieve you from a tedious manual work when you have to delete all garbage from your inbox by hand. Plus, you save your valuable time, bandwidth and money!

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Click to view product Company:BullGuard

Keep your inbox clean with the free BullGuard Spamfilter. Most people find spam e-mails the biggest nuisance on the Internet. Today, spam e-mails account for over 80% of all e-mail traffic and their volumes increase daily. Strike back with BullGuard Spamfilter.

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Click to view product Company:McAfee

Get the email you want and nothing else. McAfee SpamKiller quickly and easily helps you stop spam from polluting your inbox with advanced rule-based and list based filtering.

SpamKiller is THE Leading Anti-Spam Product for Consumers and Small Businesses

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Click to view product Company:SunBeltSoftware

Email security software for Exchange featuring world-class antivirus, antispam, and a powerful, granular attachment filter. Stop spam and viruses cold with a 30-day free VIPRE for Exchange trial.

Email security moves to the next generation with antivirus, malware protection and antispam software for Microsoft Exchange Server. The time required to manage Exchange has become a highly important cost factor. VIPRE for Exchange takes HALF the admin time compared to other products.

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