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SAP provides enterprise software applications and support to businesses of all sizes globally. It is the world's largest business software company and the third-largest independent software provider in terms of revenues.

SAP's products focus on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). The company's main product is SAP ECC. The current version is SAP ECC 6.0 and is part of the SAP Business Suite. Its previous name was R/3. SAP ECC is one of five enterprise applications in SAP's Business Suite. The other four applications are:

  • CRM (customer relationship management) - helps companies acquire and retain customers, gain marketing and customer insight
  • PLM (product lifecycle management) - helps manufacturers with product-related information
  • SCM (supply chain management) - helps companies with the process of resourcing its manufacturing and service processes
  • SRM (supplier relationship management) - enables companies to procure from suppliers

SAP moves the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) landscape toward software-based and web services-based business activities. This move increases adaptability, flexibility, openness and efficiency.