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Monitor servers, workstations, devices and applications in your network

ManageEngine Applications Manager

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ManageEngine Applications Manager

Applications Manager provides a heterogeneous monitoring capability that helps the IT Team to troubleshoot application performance issues quickly.

Additionally the business centric view also helps prioritize alerts in production as it helps visualize the Business Applications that are impacted.

Applications Manager provides in depth monitoring of

  • J2EE Application Servers (WebLogic, WebSphere, WebLogic Integration, JBoss, Tomcat),
  • GlassFish and Sliverstream Application Server,
  • Database Query monitoring,
  • Active Directory monitoring,
  • J2EE Web Transactions,
  • Microsoft Applications (Microsoft .NET, SQL Server, Windows, Exchange),
  • IBM Applications (AIX, IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2),
  • SOAP Web Services,
  • SAP Servers,
  • Custom Java, JMX, J2EE applications,
  • Monitor your network from Applications Manager by integrating ManageEngine OpManager through Network Monitoring Connector,
  • Web sites with performance monitoring, fault management and notification capability.

Monitor 25 Applications for $795 / Year